I am a thinker, an average teenager girl, a female breaker and dancer
I am passionate in pretty much everything I love or enjoy, loyal, indecisive, creative, someone you can trust, outgoing and sociable but shy to someone I don't know first probably
I am super emphatic, forgetful, not that eloquent and above all down-to-earth.
I got a huge heart, though I can be very sarcastic at times ;)

Random facts
I like
- to dance! it's my biggest passion
- playing the piano lately (since I recently got one)
- photo editing or rather graphic- and webdesign
- photography (yet I'm only a shutterbug and NOWHERE near professional!)
- quotes I have to think about twice
- kissing, laughing, hugging
- singing terribly loud when no one is at home
- discussing and arguing (I like to talk for hours about all kind of things btw)
- staying up all night (even if I notice every morning it's a bad idea)
- learning a new word and waiting for an opportunity to use it
- looking at old pictures and recognizing how much has changed (but what makes me sad at the same time)
- reminiscing on the past but also
- meeting new people

I am a fan of/I am into
- philosophy and psychology
- Los Angeles especially Anaheim and Westminster
- guys with a creative vein
- guys that smell really good or/and are very intellectual (knowledge is one of the sexiest things someone can have to me, hands down!)
- people I can talk hours with
- Ben & Jerry's and Häagen Dazs icecream
- natural beauty

I am the the biggest Epik High-, Drake-, Yann Tiersen- and Lykke Li fan you can ever think of!
Usually I listen a lot to Indie-rock, Dubstep, K-pop and Black

You still do have some questions about me?
Then feel free to ask me via formspring :)